So, I'm about to post the first entry, and I thought I'd just go over a few things. First off - it takes a lot of guts to share your code when you know the world (well, the small world that reads my blog) will be picking apart your code. Please keep that in mind when you comment. It is very easy to point out mistakes - but be respectful. Everyone who participated not only took time out of their day, but also took a risk in "exposing" themselves. That being said - just be nice folks. Remember, their code is as perfect as my code. (How many bug fixes did I post after each major BlogCFC release??)

For each entry, I will be naming names this time around, and providing a link to the zip for download. Remember that this code is copyright the respective authors. Do not use the code for your own projects unless you get permission from the author.

So - another with the psuedo-legal-mumbo-jumbo, let's get started.