So today I killed ColdFusion Bloggers. This was rather abrupt and I apologize for that. A week or so ago it was reported to me that the data wasn't updating. I logged into the service providing hosting and discovered they were shutting down for good in a few weeks. I've had free credit with them for a few years now, but honestly, I didn't want to go find another cheap Node hosting solution.

If you go to the site now, you'll find a JSON, and HTML, export of the most recent list of supported blogs. It got down to about 120 or so I think. I also did an export of the entire Mongo DB with all the recorded entries. You could probably find a great deal of ColdFusion content there lost to the world.

You can find the source code for the current site here: Anyone has my permission to use it, seed it with the database, and go to town. (Although you should visit my wishlist of course. ;)