Edge Code users may have noticed a new update yesterday. You can find full details about the update at the release notes, but I thought I'd point out a few interesting tidbits.

First off, multi-file search in both Edge Code and Brackets has been much improved lately. It now paginates if you find more than 100 results. Here is a screen shot:

Another update is to the built-in Kuler integration. Previously you had access to your own Kuler themes, which for me I was limited to what the design part of me could create. Those of you who know me know just how exactly scary that is. Now you can access both popular Kuler themes and random ones as well. Check it out:

Personally I think it should be Adobe's responsibility to ensure I never have to pick a color again. The world will thank us.

Finally, a quick note about the PhoneGap plugin. This plugin no longer ships with Edge Code, but you may have it around if you used previous versions of Edge Code. The extension is currently not working. However, a fix is in progress. You can check out the status over on GitHub.