Todd just released the winners for the 2007 CFeMmy winners. Yours truly won for:

  • Best Aggregator - This really surprised me. I love my little aggregator, but based on the traffic it gets, I didn't think many people were actually using it!
  • Best Blog - Your on it right now. ;) Let me guess - everyone voted for me because of my cool Lost posts, right?
  • Best Community Site - RIAForge: This is not really "my" site, it belongs to Adobe, and was all Ben's idea, but as the primary developer and caretaker, I'm going to take credit for the win. ;) Big thanks go to Rob Gonda for all the cool SVN integration.
  • Best OS Project - BlogCFC: My favorite OS project, and the one with the most warts. 2008 will bring the new, shiny, fetch BlogCFC 6.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me, I really appreciate it!