My personal little JavaScript WTF

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There are presentations and even a website dedicated to JavaScript oddities. I'm sure this one I ran into has been discussed before, but it certainly surprised me.

I wrote a little function that I thought was pretty trivial. Given a set of objects, iterate over them, check some value, and if good, append matches to an array. Here is an example of what I wrote.

When I ran my code, I kept getting a 0-length array back. I added a simple variable inside my condition and confirmed that it was matching and appending those matches, so... wtf?

Some of you probably see it right away. It took me a good twenty minutes of frustration before I saw it. See the push call? I used brackets instead of parenthesis. I have no idea why this didn't throw an error and I'd love to know why. Ok, JavaScript gurus, can you explain this one?

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