I don't remember the first time I watched Dr. Who, but I have many fond memories of watching it as a young child. I would set up our VCR to record the show (it aired way late on Sunday night on PBS) and watch the episode Monday morning. I can remember hoping I'd have enough time before I left for school.

My first Doctor was Tom Baker. No matter how much I may enjoy the other Doctors, I always end up comparing them to my first. I can't even remember complete episodes from that time - just flashes here and there of various villains and companions. To this day, my favorite RPG character name is Romana. For some reason that name just stuck in my head.

I was excited to see the relaunch of the series of a few years ago. It felt like a great continuation of the old series. A bit darker, yes, but not overwhelmingly so. I love the new BSG, but it's hard to find anything silly or light in that series. The new Dr. Who has a dark tinge, but maintains the light hearted nature I remember from my youth.

Even better, my eldest son has latched on to Who. I had hoped he would be a Star Wars nerd like his old man, but I'm perfectly fine (and frankly excited) to see him find his own place in the Geek realm. During the live announcement today he was practically jumping off his seat. When the moment arrived, he gripped my arm as if he were about to hear the most important thing in his life.


So we have a new Doctor - Peter Capaldi. Personally, I'm happy to see someone a bit older in the role. I've enjoyed all the modern Doctors but felt like they were getting a bit too young. I'm excited to see where Capldi takes this role and wish him the best.