So, I hate it when folks in certain groups become whiny - always seeming to take offense at something that offends them when the context is not inflammatory or meant to offend. Sure, sometimes folks have legitimate concerns, but a lot of times I think folks just need to get over it.

I especially hate it when someone condemns a show/book/movie/etc without actually experiencing the media for itself.

That being said I'm going to turn into a big hypocrite and go against all of the above. Fox will soon be airing a new show called "Who's Your Daddy?" The idea is that an adopted woman will have to guess who her birth father is amongst a group of men. I just don't even know if I have the words to express how disgusting this is. As an adoptive father, I'm definitely biased, but I can't imagine this being a healthy way to talk about adoption. Of course, I'm not sure if this is worse than the movie Elf, where the main character is said to be going on a trip to find his "real" parents. (Yes, we only take care of them for 18 years or so - but we aren't the real parents.)

I'm happy to see, however, that at least one station won't be airing the show.