This is a very, very minor update. A while ago I updated Galleon so that when you replied to a thread, you did so on the same page as the thread. This made it easier to write your reply. However, when I did that, I made the "Reply" link in the top nav a simple intra-page thingy pointing to the form at the bottom... however, if you aren't logged on, and the thread is short, you click Reply and nothing seems to happen.

Now when you click Reply and are not logged in, you are taken to a login form.

I guess it may still be a bit confusing for folks who are logged in. You click Reply and nothing happens, but hopefully the form staring you in the face is enough. For longer threads you will still focus down on the form so that is fine I think.

Either way - download the zip from the right and enjoy. A few weeks ago I had a lot of feedback on the forums. To be honest, I won't be able to do much over the next few weeks. I've got the CFUnited conference in two weeks, and then a week long vacation after that. This will be a real vacation, which means no laptop (but I'm bringing the XBOX and PSP!).