Kevin Lynch is showing some cool stuff you can do read Acrobat 8, including sticky notes on PDFs and sending a PDF for review. Now showing how to do collaboration. John Womack(sp) is available via Breeze (he founded Adobe). He is talking in general about how the tools are getting better (true) and how our jobs are safe (whew!). Heh - Kevin said Breeze instead of Connect.

Now Al Ramadan is going to talk about mobile. Theme is how American developers can make money via mobile. Talks about "Chumby" - cool little Flash enabled device that streams surf reports and other stuff. Now talking about PS3. (Hmm, he didn't mention the price. ;) Flash is built into the PS3. (I didn't know that.) Now talking about phones. Talking about a cool phone from Samsung that changes the UI depending on conditions (date, signal strength, etc). John Stratton from Verizon is on screen. Verizon, Qualcomm(sp) and Adobe are working together. This is for Flash Lite 2.1. Several devices will have this. The Verizon guy is on screen. "Can you hear me now?" They call him "Test Man." This part of the keynote is falling way flat.

Peggy Johnson from Qualcomm is now on stage. To be honest- nothing here really was all that exciting. (But thats just me - working from home makes me a bit bored with mobile stuff.)

They are now showing a guy developing with Flash for Brew. Looks pretty cool - just not my space.

Kevin Lynch is back. The youngest MAX person here is 14. That is amazing. I saw him last night actually, AND he is a ColdFusion developer. Sweet. His name is Max believe it or not. He says he is learning lots of Flex stuff. (Ok, this is my competition. Not good! :)

Next up is Bruce Chizen (Adobe CEO). He says his main goal was not to mess up the good relationship that Macromedia had created with developers.

That's it except for the MAX awards.