CanvasWiki Updated (Version 1.4)

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I've updated CanvasWiki tonight with a few small changes. The big change is a simple modification to how I display titles. The wiki asks you to name pages like so:


This represents a page for named ColdFusion_Server under a Servers section, which is under a Products section, and lastly which is under a Main section.

And that is exactly how it was displayed. Now I simply change the periods to pipes and replace underscores with spaces. A small change, but it really makes a difference.

There is now an Oracle script provided by John Keir.

There are a few other small changes as well, documented in the readme, and yes, I know I need to get a demo online. So I've done it. You can find a demo of the wiki here. Let's please try to be mature and not go crazy with the edits. ;)

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