A while back, Joe wrote a good review on using Measure Map with BlogCFC. He graciously let me take a look at his stats - and I absolutely love it. While Google Analytics is "deep", it takes time to really "dig" out the data.

Well - a good month or so later and Measure Map has not responded to my request for a beta test. About a week or so ago Joe pinged me again, this time to mention Blogbeat. Blogbeat is not free, but has a 30 day free trial. Like Measure Map, it is a stats program just for blogs.

So far it is working great. I love the dashboard you get when you logon. You immediately get a sense of traffic for today and how it compares to the past. All of the rest of the stats are simple - quick - and exactly what someone running a blog would need. Along with the 'basic' stats you would expect, you also get a list of all the clicks leaving your blog - and excellent way to track what people are doing when they leave your blog.

The site is definitely a work in progress. In fact, the UI changed (for the better) in the past few hours. Also, comment stats do not correctly work for BlogCFC, although I'm told they are working on it. I've also been told they will (or they may) soon add RSS stats, something I think would be the final feature that would convince me to purchase the service. What is the price? For blogs with less than 250k page views per month - it is 2 dollars per month. Really nothing if you ask me.