So, here is a new one. In the past, I've seen issues with cfchart when the web server was not configured correctly. The Flash would never display. This was normally due to an issue w/ virtual servers and having the correct mappings.

Now I've run into something extremely wierd. On one page cfchart isn't working, but on another it is, and when I say not working, I don't mean that the Flash doesn't load. I mean that absolutely nothing is output from the tags! It's like CF is simply ignoring the tags and not outputting them.

At first I thought - maybe my query (the chart is fed from a query) is empty. I checked, and this was not the case. Since I was outputting a chartdata tag on each row of the query, I even added a cffile tag to log that I was infact looping over the query and that I had valid data. I then added a few more chartdata tags with static data.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, is getting output from this cfchart tag.

What makes it even wierder is that I'm seeing this on my local copy (MX 6.1 under Apache) and on the remote copy (MX 6.1 under IIS). This leads me to believe it's an issue with the code, but as far as I can see, the code is just fine.

For the heck of it, I've posted the code here (everything but the query). If anyone sees anything, let me know. I should also point out that an exact copy of this code (minus all the junk I've added to test) runs fine elsewhere.

yaxistitle="Number of Searches"

   <cfchartseries type="#url.type#" paintstyle="raise">         
      <cffile action="append" file="c:\ray.txt" output="IN CALL #now()#">
      <cfloop query="qGetKeywords">
         <cfchartdata item ="#qGetKeywords.keyword#" value ="#qGetKeywords.theCount#">
         <cffile action="append" file="c:\ray.txt" output="IN loop, #qGetKeywords.keyword# #qGetKeywords.theCount#">
      <cfchartdata item ="ray" value ="1">
      <cfchartdata item ="ray2" value ="10">
      <cfchartdata item ="ray3" value ="3">
      <cfchartdata item ="ray4" value ="2">
      <cfchartdata item ="ray5" value ="1">


Edited Well, that was wierd. Five minutes after posting I decided to try something. I wrapped the code in cfoutput... and it started working. The odd thing is that this code resides in the Admin for our CMS product, Element, and no other version of the CMS on my system (or the remote system) needed this modification in order to run.