ACME Guide - Really - Get It

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A little over a month ago I first blogged about the ACME Guide by Stephen Collins. Last night at my user group meeting, it was brought up again so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to remind folks of this absolutely invaluable guide. When it comes to tech books, I tend to rate them by the amount of fluff they have in comparison to the amount of purely technical info. This guide is about as pure tech as you can get. I simply cannot recommend this book enough - especially to people who are just starting out and simply do not know where to go. I wish this book had been around 10 years or so ago when I first got into web development.

The guide was updated on October 27th and is now at version 2.3. So stop what you are doing and download it now!

One note - while the book uses ColdFusion as the platform of choice for development, it would still be highly recommended even if you have no plans to use ColdFusion. You could simply skip that section and focus on the web server, IDE, and other areas.

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