Is it DSLite? DSlite? No idea. Anyway, before my trip to CFUNITED, I decided to pick up a DS Lite. I never purchased the DS as it seemed like a waste of time. I mean, yes, Nintendo knows how to make a handheld, but they seemed very... coy about the DS. It was not their "new" handheld to replace the Gameboy. Rather, it was "another" handheld. Sure it played the same games, but from a marketing perspective it really gave me the heebie-jeebies. One company working on two different handhelds at the same time seems risky, even if that company has a proven track record in the area.

What pushed this decision for me was a few things. First, my wife stole my PSP. Yes, she stole it. She got addicted to Lumines and the Namco pack. Then my son got addicted. That left me without a handled. Secondly, I saw the New Super Mario Brothers. It was both fun and a unique new version of the classic. Since the Lite was a refined version of the DS, I thought it was a good time to jump back on the Nintendo bandwagon.

The unit is a bit weird to hold at first - mainly since I was more used to the PSP. The screen isn't as good as the PSP, but it is darn close. I'd rather watch a movie on the PSP, but game wise, I think both are about equal. What is nice is that even GBA games seem crisper and much brighter.

I picked up Animal Crossing, which is... different. Not the game I'd normally pick up, but I figured what the heck, why not. I haven't played it a lot actually, but so far it's fun. A bit cutesy, but hey, I don't need to shoot Nazis all the time. I'm also playing Mario Cart (fun!) and a few old GBA games.

The one thing I don't like so far is the sound. The quality is fine, but the volume is much lower than what the PSP can put out. I could hear it on the airplane, but not very well.