I'm just passing this on. I don't like to get into the 'find me a host' type conversations as it isn't an area I'm experienced in (and like religion, it has no final answer), but I figured this request was specific enough where maybe some of my European readers could help out. Anyway, on with the question:

I have a slant on the usual "what CF hosting companies are out there?" I've been searching for a couple of months now for a good CF8 reseller plan. My company is based in the UK which means we fall under the European wide data protection laws and so do all of our European clients. In essence the laws state that all personal data must be stored on a server within the EU. Exceptions are granted to servers located in countries with similar data protection laws which currently are only Argentina, Canada, Guernsey and Switzerland. US companies which subscribe to the US Dept of Commerce "Safe Harbour" scheme are also OK but the only CF hosting company I've found which subscribes is CrystalTech and I've heard the quality of their hosting is hit and miss according to which server you're put on.

Ideally I'd also like a hosting company which can provide english speaking support and is in a relatively close time zone to the UK. I'm not looking for free or dirt cheap hosting but the prices I've found offered by UK companies make you're eyes water (eg. $1000 per year for 1Gb of disk space and 10Gb monthly bandwidth / $5000 per year for 10Gb disk space and 50Gb monthly bandwidth)

Do you have any ideas or recommendations? I've been through Ben Forta's entire ISP list but the European entries are really out of data - this is no reflection on Ben as it's up to individual companies to manage their entries.

I've asked the reader to monitor this thread and if he wants to post his contact information he is welcome to, but if folks could help him out, I'd definitely appreciate it.