Normally I write these "Links For You" posts on the weekend, but my family and I will be on vacation for the next few days and the laptop is not invited. With that in mind, here's what I'd like to share with yall, enjoy!

Eleventy 2.0 #

Happy Dancing Cat

I'm super excited that Eleventy has hit 2.0! You can read about all the changes on the blog post, and there's quite a bit, but for me the biggest updates are:

  • Dramatic reduction (nearly a third) in dependencies.
  • Faster builds (especially important on my large site)
  • Async friendly shortcodes and filters

There's a lot more, so again, check the post for details. I'm running 2.0 here, and in the new version of my site that I'm working on now.

Hiding DOM Elements #

I love working with the web and even more so, I love being surprised by what's possible. Here's a great example of that:

Basically, swap <div hidden> for <div hidden=until-found> to allow the user to search within the hidden text via find-in-page.

In this toot, Šime Vidas is sharing a new value available to the hidden attribute... which I didn't even know existed! It's basically the HTML version of hiding an element via CSS. And of course, MDN has docs for it: HTMLElement.hidden

Configuring an Alias for Mastodon #

In this post by the awesome David Neal, he describes how to create an alias for your Mastodon account with Eleventy and Netlify. I used this myself to create the alias for my "real" account It took all of five minutes and honestly it's a really cool trick!

As an aside, David does commissioned artwork. Here's one he did for me:

My head