Normally I write these "Links For You" posts on the weekend, but my family and I will be on vacation for the next few days and the laptop is not invited. With that in mind, here's what I'd like to share with yall, enjoy!

Eleventy 2.0

Happy Dancing Cat

I'm super excited that Eleventy has hit 2.0! You can read about all the changes on the blog post, and there's quite a bit, but for me the biggest updates are:

  • Dramatic reduction (nearly a third) in dependencies.
  • Faster builds (especially important on my large site)
  • Async friendly shortcodes and filters

There's a lot more, so again, check the post for details. I'm running 2.0 here, and in the new version of my site that I'm working on now.

Hiding DOM Elements

I love working with the web and even more so, I love being surprised by what's possible. Here's a great example of that:

Basically, swap <div hidden> for <div hidden=until-found> to allow the user to search within the hidden text via find-in-page.

In this toot, Šime Vidas is sharing a new value available to the hidden attribute... which I didn't even know existed! It's basically the HTML version of hiding an element via CSS. And of course, MDN has docs for it: HTMLElement.hidden

Configuring an Alias for Mastodon

In this post by the awesome David Neal, he describes how to create an alias for your Mastodon account with Eleventy and Netlify. I used this myself to create the alias for my "real" account It took all of five minutes and honestly it's a really cool trick!

As an aside, David does commissioned artwork. Here's one he did for me:

My head