ColdFusion 8's Server Monitor and Performance

A few days ago I blogged about the Server Monitor API (ColdFusion 8: Server Monitor API) and I mentioned that I removed the link to the online demo as it seemed as enabling Server Monitoring had a negative impact on my server. I said I wasn’t sure - but I was worried.

I shared these concerned on Charlie Arehart’s blog and tried to be clear that I could be wrong.

After working with Adobe a bit and actually finding a bit more time to say - I can definitely say I agree with Adobe and Charlie’s post - enabling profiling and monitoring has minimal impact on your server.

I’ve had it on all day now and have yet to see anything slow down. Here is the demo I mentioned in my API post.

In case folks are curious - this server is a vserver, but I’ll be moving to a dedicated box in the next few weeks.

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