I admit it. I dropped the ball. My last contest, the Advanced ColdFusion Contest, kind of went off without much fanfare. Mainly because I just let life kinda overly occupy me. That and a new job made it a bit easy to get forgetful. For that - I apologize. In case you forgot, the contest was to design an application that would scan code and look for best practices, code style issues, etc.

Like my third contest, this one had very little response. But I think the entries I showed here were pretty darn good. Look at the result of the 3rd contest, Flogr, one of the coolest applications I've seen done that mixes ColdFusion and Flex. The entries I showed for this contest were very good as well. I'd suggest you check them out:


I liked both of these projects and I hope the authors continue to work on them. (Hey guys, I don't see them on RIAForge yet. What's up with that?)

So who won? I'm going to cop out and simply declare them both winners. They both took interesting approaches to the problem and they both created awesome applications. I want to thank them both for taking the time to create the project, and apologize publicly for taking so long to wrap this up. I'll be in touch with your million dollar prizes. (Ok, it may be a little bit less than a million dollars. :)

Now the question is - with the last two contests having very little participation, should I keep doing these things? Do folks care? I don't mind if the answer is no - I want this blog to be useful and a benefit to the community. Would there be more response if I did a beginner's contest again?