A friend sent in an interesting problem yesterday that had a quick solution:

Need some help, I'm stuck on parsing this xml string. Hoping that you might kick me back in right direction. It seems to be getting stuck on new-order-notification with the following error:

Diagnostics: Element NEW is undefined in CHECKOUT.

From playing around, I can do a rereplace on the - and get to work, but that is not really a good solution. So the question is, how can I use XML like the one below.



One of the nice things about ColdFusion's handling of XML data is that it lets you treat the document as a structure. This makes using XML very easy. However, you have to follow the same rules you would for a "normal" structure, and one of them is that you cannot use dot notation for keys that aren't valid ColdFusion variables.

Note the variable: #checkOut.new-order-notification.google-order-number.XMLtext#

The second and third keys are not valid variables, and therefore ColdFusion throws an error. Luckily this is trivial to get around:


By switching to bracket notation, ColdFusion will no longer throw an error.