This really isn't a ColdFusion question, but I thought others may find it interesting. Jeff asks:

As I continue to evaluate and use Lighthouse Pro, something sparked my interest. You used the term "project loci", which clicked with me and made perfect sense. But my background with the term "loci" comes from genetics and biology (previous life). Do you have a biology background too?

The answer stems from the history of Lighthouse Pro, and directly relates to why there is a "Pro" in the name. Many, many, many moons ago, Nathan Dintenfass created a bug tracker. This bug tracker was very simple. It required no database. But as it was one file, you could drop it in and start using it in about 5 minutes. I loved the simplicity of it. I did some basic updates to his code and released a version named Lighthouse that was just a bit cleaned up.

Anyway - Loci is the term Nathan had used, and it stuck. When Macromedia approached me to write an application for the old DRK (boy do I miss those), I proposed an update to Lighthouse that would be a bit more formal, ie, actually use a database. Hence the "Pro".

Frankly, I know "Loci" confuses people and I keep meaning to change it to "Location" or "Area", but I forget. ;) I'd rather focus on adding features.

Speaking of which, the next update to LHP will include milestones, and I'm considering a system by which you can add any field you want to a project issue, so if you want each issue to have a 'How Sucky' field, it will be possible.