Just a quick note - and followup to my review of NodeSchool. Yesterday I discovered ExpressWorks. ExpressWorks uses the open source framework behind NodeSchool to create a similar experience for ExpressJS. I've blogged (and written) about ExpressJS before. Essentially - this is the framework that got me to give Node.js a try and really "sold" me on Node in general.

There is something I want to point out. Both my review, and the ExpressWorks site, may give you the impression that this framework is like an old school computer game. It isn't. Yes, the menu, as you see in the screen shot above, is reminiscent of those old school DOS games. But the only time you see this menu is when you finish one lesson and switch to another.

I've probably spent 5-6 hours so far working on NodeSchool and in that time only about 5 minutes was in those menus. The rest was working in my editor trying to solve the puzzle.

I don't say this to put down NodeSchool (or ExpressWorks) at all. I just want to be clear that this isn't a game itself, just window dressing for menus. I can say - without hesitation - that the time I've spent with NodeSchool has been the best learning experience I've had with Node yet. I can't wait to finish the main lessons and switch to the Express version.