Happy (Almost) Independence Day. Adobe (where I slave away every day pounding on my keyboard) is shut down this week so I'll be taking it easy trying my best to do next to nothing. I'll probably fail, but at least I'll get to sleep late. Here's a few links for your perusal.

A week or so ago I posted an example of finding content related by day of year. So for an article published on April 8, 2022, you would be able to find articles posted on the same day in earlier years. It's not terribly useful probably, but was fun to build. When I shared it on Twitter, Justin Poehnelt a cool plugin: https://www.npmjs.com/package/eleventy-plugin-related. This plugin will find related items based on customizable properties and weights. It's really cool, and while I don't have plans on adding my silly year based demo to the blog, I may actually add this one. (Just need to figure out a nice way to display it.)

Power Automate Presentation #

Earlier this week I gave a presentation on using Microsoft Power Automate and our PDF Extract API to automatically parse the contents of PDF documents. As I said it uses our Extract API, but also makes use of Microsoft's Natural Language Processing API:

Eleventy Weekly #

Another Eleventy link, this time to the Weekly video from Zach. Of special note is the discussion on proposed changes to indented Markdown code. (Could that possibly be the most nerdiest thing I've written here? Yes.)

That's it for today. Have a safe and uneventful holiday!