CFUN-03 and Vacation

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I will be leaving tomorrow for CFUN-03, and I hope to see many of my fellow CF coders there. I'm presenting on security (web application security) and CFCs. My wife and kids are coming with me and we plan to spend a day or two in DC as well as five days back in Virginia Beach (where we just moved from). I will have little to no net access (and no, I certainly will NOT be using an Out-Of-Office thing), so if you need me, you may have to wait a while.

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Comment 1 by Brian Meloche posted on 6/24/2003 at 12:56 AM


It was a pleasure to talk to you at CFUN-03, and I enjoyed your presentation on CFCs. I look forward to your blog code updates, and, as promised, I will convert your SQL Server script to MySQL when you make your next update (and possibly to other data types, at some point). I also have a few ideas on how to make the code a little more configurable, so that it can be easier to install, use and customize for the CFMX novice, if you are interested. I will be using the code on the WVMUG/WVCFUG site ( - which is just in the early stages of being developed), as well as on my own site, Talk to you soon!