ColdFusion offer from Intergral

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Intergral, makers of FusionReactor and FusionAnalytics, have a pretty cool offer for folks buying or upgrading ColdFusion:

Intergral and Adobe Inc. are running the following promotion up to Feb 29 2012. If you purchase either a new or upgrade license to ColdFusion 9 Enterprise, you will receive FusionReactor Enterprise Server Monitor 1 Year Subscription (RRP $399), absolutely free. If you purchase a new license of ColdFusion 9 Standard, you will receive a copy of FusionReactor Standard 1 Year Subscription (RRP $249). All software must be purchased via Intergral to be eligible for this offer. Our prices for CF are very competitive, making it all a very good deal.

If you purchase Platinum Support with your new ColdFusion license, then you are entitled to receive all upgrades and updates to ColdFusion in the next 12 months following your purchase - read more

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