Thanks LG!

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Dear LG, provider of TVs, appliances, and other fine devices:

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note. Thanks for selling me a dish washer that I had to return because it was rusty. Thanks for replacing it with one that has broken down 2-3 times over the past few months. Lastly, thanks for telling me you would replace the unit (a month ago), and then telling me that since I got the unit at a discount, that I'd have to pay the difference to get a new unit. Thanks for saying it is Best Buy's fault and I should take it up with them. (Can't wait for that call.) Thanks for telling me that since Best Buy didn't charge me for the second install (remember the first one was rusty?) that I'd have to pay for a third install. Thanks for everything, really.

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Comment 1 by Joel Cox posted on 10/31/2006 at 2:16 AM

Wow! Just bought a new washer and dryer and even looked at the LG models sitting on the display floor. Glad we didn't buy them.

Comment 2 by Sid Wing posted on 10/31/2006 at 2:19 AM

This sounds vaguely reminiscent of a post I made on my blog just recently referencing banks... Banks, appliance companies, car dealerships... plah!


Comment 3 by Donna French posted on 10/31/2006 at 2:28 AM

A friend of mine owns a set of these & warned me that they look good but just don't count on using them. I didn't know MS was in this market???

</MS Dig>

I read your blog religiously and appreciate you sharing your knowledge!!!

Here's an experience of my own with Best Buy that you might like...

I have a Gateway laptop & the motherboard got fried earlier this year. So I hope to save a little time waiting to get it back & take it to Best Buy instead of shipping it to Gateway, lesson learned. I drop it off, tell them I want the motherboard replaced & find out it will be a week or so.

Three weeks goes by, and they call to let me know it's finally back. When I get there the guy informs me that I have a refund coming to me. Originally paid a little over $200 so I'm confused at this point knowing what's involved to replace a motherboard. But hey, okay - maybe they really are that good.

He gives me my laptop & I start looking over the paperwork which indicates that I need a new motherboard. Ummm...yeah, I already knew that. So when he comes to hand me my refund (less the fee for them to tell me it's the motherboard) I ask questions.

As he begins to explain things to me in small words so that I can understand my husband starts shaking his head and just looks at the ground. I stood there for a minute then told him I already knew it needed a motherboard, and showed him the original paperwork. Still sure of himself he stands there & I said - okay, so this is a fee to tell me what I already knew???

Then went on to say this is like if my washer is not working at home & I call someone to work on it. They come over, tell me yes it is definitely broken & that will be $125 but don't fix it.

I walked out with a full refund & my husband laughing...

Comment 4 by Che posted on 10/31/2006 at 2:34 AM


Dell Laptops...
Mini Coopers...
& now LG Dishwashers...

Remind me not shop with you! That's a bummer. At least you have CF! ;)

Comment 5 by charlie griefer posted on 10/31/2006 at 2:44 AM

sorry to hear you're having problems. we bought an LG washer/dryer set back in Jan of 2005 and absolutely love 'em. they've got all sorts of lights and buttons and stuff that's just way cool :)

(seriously tho, been very happy with the quality of both machines)

Comment 6 by Rob Brooks-Bilson posted on 10/31/2006 at 2:54 AM

I'm with Che - sounds like you need a subscription to Consumer Reports ;-)

Comment 7 by Bob posted on 10/31/2006 at 3:41 AM

Two mistakes there... buying an LG appliance and to top it off buying it from Worst Buy- good luck dealing with them- their customer service is appalling.

Comment 8 by Peter Tilbrook posted on 10/31/2006 at 5:29 AM

You could always do your dishes by hand ;)

Comment 9 by Critter posted on 10/31/2006 at 5:46 AM

Time to call out the Geek Squad!!!

Comment 10 by Daniel D posted on 10/31/2006 at 6:29 AM

Good luck with best buy in my experience there customer service is about as good as you have had with your Mini.

Comment 11 by John Farrar posted on 10/31/2006 at 8:51 AM

Ray... bad laptops, bad dish washers, bad cars... you better let the wife do the shopping and stay home! LOL

IMO... when we quit doing business with local business to save money, it was only time before it came back to haunt us. I enjoy your rants... it's sorta like an offline TV comedy! (BTW... I have had simular issues. It's like you buy the warrantee so when you call they don't just hang up. Then it's like being in a third world country pleading for them to honor the contract. Pretty sad state of affairs. Hope things work out for you.)

Also, looking to replace my families' dishwasher... tip is helpful. I would avoid buying front load washers that don't have more than just a couple of shock absorbers also. Our current one has six!

Comment 12 by Joshua Cyr posted on 10/31/2006 at 7:11 PM

A number of years back LG was better known around here as Goldstar. Different name, same reputation for inexpensive and often not very well performing products.

Comment 13 by Jen posted on 10/31/2006 at 11:59 PM

Wow... serious bummer. :(

We recently purchased new appliances too. I shopped around a lot - at a combination of big boxes and appliance dealers. I saw the LG line at Best Buy and other big box stores and was interested. But I noticed that the appliance dealers didn't carry them - so I asked why. The sales reps at two different (reputable) stores told me that the store was planning to carry the LG line until the senior reps & store managers informed the owner that they would quit. I guess they make great phones... but not great appliances.

In general my experience with Best Buy has also been poor.

Comment 14 by Bryan posted on 11/1/2006 at 4:23 AM

Worst buy is right! I won't even pull into a BB parking loit anymore.

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