Second issue of Appliness Launches

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The second issue of Appliness has launched. Appliness is a free digital magazine available on Android and iOS (in stunning Retina graphics too). The May issue contains articles on...

  • CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions, by Deepa Subramaniam
  • Drag and drop with jQuery UI on mobile devices, by Michaël Chaize
  • JavaScript Object Creation, by Keith Peters
  • Using Backbone with jQuery Mobile, by Christophe Coenraets
  • Crafting native looking iOS apps with HTML, by Christophe Coenraets
  • Demo of Handlebars, by me
  • Real-time data exchange in HTML5, by Ryan Stewart
  • Swipe to delete items, by Michaël Chaize
  • App-UI, a library by Andrew Trice
  • HTML5 Multimedia components, by Ian Devlin
  • Interview of Pamela Fox
  • Colour Match, Cutest Paw, Bit Timer: showcase
  • Which Element ? Pull quotes, comments
  • PhoneGap and the File API
  • WTFJS: False advertising
  • Generate color palettes from HTML5 video
  • CSS variables draft

I way to make special note of the "Generate color palettes from HTML5 video" article. This is not something that has been on my blog before. It's a brand new WebRTC demo I made that demonstrates generating color palettes from a live web-cam video feed. It's super hot. Really. OK, it's a bit silly. But it was fun as hell to write.

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