So here is an interesting question. I use Thunderbird as my email client since Outlook tends to get "icky" when you have a few too many emails. While Thunderbird has it's own quirks, I've gotten quite used to it and will never switch back to Outlook.

However - I've run into a little problem. At my new job, most folks use Outlook and they send meeting invites via email. Thunderbird simply doesn't know what to do witht his.

I have been able to save the ICS attachment and import it into Google Calendar. While this adds the event, it doesn't let me accept the meeting.

Any ideas? If worse comes to worse, I guess I can reinstall Outlook and simply tell Thunderbird to have Outlook be the application for ICS files, but there must be a simpler way to handle this.

p.s. The MacBook Pro has shipped. It is currently in China which means it will get here in Lafayette sometime this fall. If you are bored, here is the tracking info.