Wow. So today has been a busy day. I'm not really sure where to begin. I'm way high now on drugs so I'm not exactly what I would call clear headed, but I will try to respond to some of the points Mr. Horn made on his blog posting.

BlogCFC 4.0.2 via the Rabid_BlogCFC has been removed from my servers as a downloadable item. It seems the orginal author via his proxies wanted me to keep the changes to myself so I shall.

I have spent most of today either in pain, or in some blissful place called Hyrocodone. I have not sent anyone out to attack you. I've been monitoring the situation, but that is all. I have no proxies. I have no cronies. I have no henchmen. (Although it would be kinda cool to have some. Weeg, want to be my henchman??) I have barely been able to focus on my work so trust me - I'm not organizing any kind of attack.

Kudos to the original author(s) of BlogCFC for making such a great product only thing for me is that I wasn't smart enough to be able to use it successfully without making some changes that I shall now take to my grave, so to speak.

I'm not sure what you mean. If you ran into problems with the software, you can always email me. I do not always respond, but I do make an effort to respond to support requests. Ditto with change requests. People send me ideas. Sometimes I like them. Sometimes I don't. I guess my projects aren't really a democracy, but I'm ok with that, and I think most of my users trust me to use my best judgement when it comes to responding to requests. I apply the same filtering to CFLib, the cookbook, and other sites. I applied the same filtering when I managed the community source for Spectra at Macromedia.

Personally I think the real deal was that the original author's code was beginning to leok less than professional alongside the changes I had made however the original author failed to contact me concerning how he could obtain the changces I made which I would have shared with him freely.

As I said above - if you emailed me and said you had made a change, I may or may not incorporate it. It doesn't mean your changes are bad. I just may not think they are appropriate. It is not a science. It is just my gut feeling. Frankly I think what you said was a low blow. I have said on more than one occasion that BlogCFC is not perfect. I really do not like the UberCFC approach I used. (UberCFC is what I'm calling the method of storing all the business logic into one CFC.) In fact, at CFUnited I plan on talking about this and how I would rebuild the blog a bit differently. But to imply that I had folks attack you out of jealousy is a lie. I do not pretend to write the best code out there. In fact, the whole CF Jedi Master thing is more a reflection of me being a SW geek then me thinking I'm a "Master" developer.

That being said - let me talk abit about my license, or lack thereof. I've been sharing ColdFusion code for a very, very long time. It started with custom tags at the old Allaire tag gallery. The first real "project" that I shared was BlogCFC. I share code because I love ColdFusion. I've loved CF since the first day I used instead of Perl. I think it is the best damn language on the planet. In fact, if Ben Forta ever gets a package from me, he should ensure that it isn't ticking - as I'd love to steal his job and spread the CF love around the world.

That being said - I am more concerned with getting my code out there to the world then worrying about legal crap. That is 100% my fault, and I admit it. I guess now I'm going to find some silly license and actually cut and paste it into my zips now. I didn't want to worry about it. I didn't think I had to. I guess I was fooling myself.

I want to make one final point. Every single application I have released has had some kind of help from others. I believe Michael Dinowitz called me the "King" of CF Open Source. Well - I would certainly not be there if not for the constant submissions of fixes, suggestions, and ideas from others. So - for everyone out there praising me - praise yourselves as well. This is a great community. Not a perfect one - but good enough for me.