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Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I just got back from nine days in Florida and I'm still shaking the sand out from my brain. I wanted to share a quick little quote from a fellow I had dinner with a few weeks ago. He was very much a non-traditional programmer - a doctor. But he had a dream and an opportunity to try something new. He picked up ColdFusion and began working on his site and it's going live next month (in a big way too). What was most fascinating though was hearing how this guy - again - a doctor, not a geek coder, was able to pick up an entirely new skill set and see his ideas come to fruition. He got so excited he said:

"I want to change the world and ColdFusion is enabling that!"

This is - to me - exactly why ColdFusion rocks. A good platform should enable everyone to be successful. It should make you feel like you can conquer the world. Don't get me wrong. I know I could build web sites with PHP, .Net, Ruby. I know those are powerful platforms. But none of those make me feel like I could build a rocket to the moon given enough Starbucks.

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