So, a while ago I released an application on one of Macromedia's DRKs. I normally don't sell software, but I thought it was a good opportunity and a good addition to the DRK. What I didn't say at the time, however, was that my agreement with Macromedia was for a limited period. I allowed Macromedia to use the application on the DRK as long as I could open source it 6 months down the line. Well, that time has come, and I'm now happy to announce that you can download the Lighthouse Bugtracker software package.

This is a slightly updated version from what was on the DRK. I'm in the process of simplying things a bit. Also, the documentation has been improved a bit and installation should be a lot easier. I'd call this version 1.01.

As always, if you have any ideas or bug reports, let me know.