I've decided I'm going to give a weekly report on the status of BlogCFC5. Since I'm off tomorrow, this entry will be a day early. So, what's going on?

  • The admin is mostly done. You can edit entries, categories, comments, subscribers, and now even your settings.
  • I added some wicked cool CSS to the admin menu. I'm so proud.
  • Scott has finished the CSS rewriting. Let me tell you - I'm psyched. I about had a joy explosion when I did a View Source on his work. It is much cleaner. You may not like the color schemes I picked for version 5, but it will be a heck of a lot easier to update now. In fact, I had Scott change the pods from right to left and it took about five seconds.
  • Recent Comments pod has been added by Sam Farmer.
  • I forgot to mention - Preview has been added to entry editing.

But why talk about it when I can show you: http://www.blogcfc.com. At this location you will not only see the blog in action but I've listed the SVN repository for folks to download. (I promise you BlogCFC5 is more stable now than Vista is.)

I plan on using this blog just for major announcements, and will do my minor announcements over at the new blog. So for example, I'm going to hop over there and post a screen shot of the admin, and show what I'm working on next.