Alex has the following question he would like to share with my readers:

What are people using for reports these days (that's the short question)?

We have a ton of very intensive reports we currently serve up using Coldfusion and Crystal Enterprise 10. There is usually a master stored procedure and based on the results of that one, there may be several subreports that the master report passes parameters to. So far, ColdFusion reports has come up short.

Our current environment does what we need, except now there is a request for dynamic images to also be involved. Crystal handles this fine just not when published on the web. The new version of Crystal works okay, but we had to create an page to display the reports and the text spacing is wildly different from the report developer version.

Anyway, sorry for the long e-mail. I know we aren't the only one's having this issue by some google searches. I guess my first question is what is everyone using? I did a search here for reports, but didn't see much in the way of this.

Unfortunately I have very little experience with cfreport and ColdFusion. I haven't run the Report Builder in years. I typically get by with a set of HTML tables and charts. So I'll open this to the group here - what are folks using?