Today we announced some updates and additions to our Edge Tools lineup. As a reminder, everything here is part of the Creative Cloud lineup, and you can sign up for free to get these tools right now.

First up is Reflow. I had the pleasure of demoing Reflow at my "Create the Web" tour stops, and this was the application folks were more excited about. Unfortunately, we couldn't share this with you till now. Today, the first preview release of Reflow is available. For an in depth review of the tool, please see the team's blog post, but honestly, you need to download this bad boy and try it yourself. I don't pretend to be a designer, but I've found Reflow to be a killer way to visualize and try out responsive designs. You can read about responsive all day long, but Reflow lets you actually build it and see for yourself. Definitely check this out.

Next up is an update to Edge Animate. This tool allows you to build HTML/JavaScript-based animations using a tool much like the Flash IDE. Today version 1.5 was released and brings features like CSS filters, gradients, and support for Edge Web Fonts. You can see more about the update (and watch some demonstration videos) on their blog post.

Both Brackets and Edge Code were updated today as well. Brackets is now on Sprint 20 and Edge Code has been updated to Preview 3. Check the downloads page for Brackets for details on Sprint 20 and read this forum post for information about Edge Code Preview 3.

Finally, Dreamweaver has also been updated. Changes include Edge Web Font integration and better fluid grid support. More details here.

Again - you can get all of the Edge Tools described above - for free - as part of your Creative Cloud membership!