I'm happy to announce that today I'm releasing a new video series, Introduction to jQuery. It may seem a bit odd to be introducing something that most people already know, but in my day to day conversations (ok, emails) with folks and my experience helping people on Stack Overflow, it seems like it is a topic that folks still need help on. I used to present on this topic quite a bit a few years ago, but I started thinking a few months ago about how I'd present it now.

I began working on a video series back in September. It was originally going to be released with a major publisher, but things fell through with them (not anyone's fault though) so I decided to simply put it up on YouTube.

The series is almost exactly 2.5 hours long and covers DOM modification, AJAX, effects, and even deferreds (which still feel like black magic to me). If you already know jQuery, I don't think you'll discover anything new in this series, but if you are looking to learn jQuery, or perhaps get a more formal introduction, I hope this series will help.

All of the code for the series as well as the slide decks and an errata document may be found here: https://github.com/cfjedimaster/introduction-to-jquery.

Finally, this series is presented 100% free of charge. If you find it worthwhile, please consider visiting my Amazon Wishlist and making a donation.