Ok - so "Victory" may seem a bit overly dramatic, but as I have decided that I am on a crusade, I'm going to be dramatic if it helps the cause - spreading the word of ColdFusion.

Taylor Hayward posted a comment in response to my entry asking for help convincing him to include ColdFusion on his site. He has agreed to it. Each and everyone of you out there who helped here - thank you. But now we need to follow that up with submissions. He is going to wait till he has 40 good submissions, which is reasonable, before adding the category.

So now your job is to help find him some good content. I'll be doing the same (after I get my kids out the door and to school).

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am not going to just ignore it anymore when I see a site not list ColdFusion. Now if I can only get Yahoo to add a ColdFusion Developer Center...