Here is something interesting I just ran into. One of my open bugs at work involve adding a "Loading" graphic to an ajax container. The code in question uses CFDIV and hits up a CFC to load the data.

I thought about it this for a second and thought to myself, "Self - doesn't CF8 automatically do loading graphics?"

I whipped up a quick test to confirm this:

<cfdiv bind="url:test3.cfm" />

and test3.cfm just did:

<cfset sleep(5000)> test 3

When I ran this I plainly saw a loading message and graphic. So why wasn't it working in our product? I noticed that the code used cfc:, not url:, so I quickly modified my test:

cfc:<br> <cfdiv bind="cfc:test.getslow()" />

<p> url:<br> <cfdiv bind="url:test3.cfm" />

The CFC method getslow did the same thing test3.cfm did. When I ran this I saw:

As you can see, the CFC based one has no form of loading message while the URL one does. I could switch to a URL based CFC call, but this is rather odd. I can't see why one form of remote call would get a message and another would not.