So I've been more than a little quiet this week and I apologize for that. I'm currently sitting at SFO waiting for my 12:30 AM flight back home. Tuesday my family and I are heading out for my first real vacation in close to two years. I'll be back on the 29th but I doubt I'll have any entries between then and now. I've got Ben covering RIAForge while I'm gone. Please understand if it takes me a bit longer (like, oh, 7 days) to respond to email.

This weekend has been more than a little exhaustive. We had 3 days of developer and business meetings at Broadchoice, and while I'm tired as heck, I can't describe the level of enthusiasm I have for my new company. It is wonderful to work in a place and feel like your the dumbest one there.

So a few quick off topic notes. I just saw the new Batman flick and - I'm happy to say - the hype is not only warranted, it probably doesn't really do the film justice. Heath Ledger's Joker is the Joker. Sorry Jack. Christian Bale pulls off Batman even better, and all the supporting roles are - shoot - it's not even fair to call them supporting. Two Face is also very well done.

Based on a recommendation from Sean, I tried Shazam for the iPhone. The idea behind Shazam is that it can listen to and identify music. It failed my first two tests (Claire De Lune and some Mexican rap), but then had no problem with Fluke. But here is the kicker. I'm in the hotel lobby with a friend and he asks what the name of the band was for the music playing in the background. I whip out the iPhone, run Shazam, and, well, it took tries, but it got it. What's even cooler is that it will log the match so you can pick it up later. (You get links to iTunes of course.) If you're one of those people who hate it when you hear a song and can't name it - pick this app up. (Oh, and it's free.)