This is just a quick reminder that the OpenWhisk CLI tool updates often, and unfortunately, doesn't provide a warning when it has become out of date. I've yet to see things break, of course, but obviously as a developer you want to ensure you have the latest and greatest installed.

First - you can get information about your install by running wsk property get:

Version info

You can see the CLI version highlighted above. You can compare this against the binaries hosted here:

Just today I saw a newer version was released. I downloaded the binary, copied it over, and verified the update:


Kinda icky for those of us used to doing everything via npm, but hopefully it will get a bit nicer in the future. With OpenWhisk stuff updating rapdily, I've been checking for updates once a week or so.

p.s. And as a total random aside, those screenshots are from the Windows Bash Unix subsystem which is running really freaking good.