Brackets Sprint 35 Released

Just a short note to let folks know that Brackets has released yet another update - Sprint 35. This was a shorter sprint due to the holidays so the list of updated features isn't long, but there are some pretty important changes in my opinion.

  • New Find/Replace UI: Replace now uses a streamlined, much cleaner UI supporting the same features as Find, including incremental search and highlighting. New case-sensitive and regular expression toggle buttons for easy access in Find, Find in Files, and Replace.
  • Launching Live Preview on Mac: On Mac, Chrome does not need to be relaunched when starting Live Preview.
  • Faster Start-up: Brackets now loads up to 50% faster thanks to minified JavaScript and pre-compiled LESS.

That last one I think is pretty nice. I tend to reload Brackets quite a bit during extension development so anything that speeds that up is a good thing.

If you already have Brackets installed just check for a new update from the Help menu or head over to the downloads page.

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