JavaScript Errors and the Firefox Console

This may fall into the category of "so obvious I'm the only one who didn't get it", but I just had to share it. I'm preparing a blog post where I've got an intentional error in my JavaScript code. I noticed that it wasn't showing up in the Firefox console though. I added a console.log message before the error - and it showed up - but my error never did. Check out the screen shot below:

Notice that CSS warnings are showing up - which is cool - and "1" is my console.log message. But my JavaScript error isn't there. I clicked the console drop down to see what options were there:

Yep - logging of errors is enabled. So what the heck? Turns out I had to also check the options on the JavaScript tab:

Ugh. I can't imagine why Errors would be turned off, but maybe it's a sensible default for some reason. That complaint aside - I have to say I really like the look of the console.

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