Want a copy of ColdFusion Builder?

As a MAX speaker I was given a set of software that - while cool - I already own. Therefore I'd like to share this with my readers while also helping others. So here's the deal. If you want a chance to win a copy of ColdFusion Builder, simply donate to any charity (well, one that takes online donations obviously) and then post a comment here with your name, the charity, and why you chose it. (Do not post how much. I don't care how much and that's private.) At around 4CST I'll randomly choose from one of the comments.

One quick note - the charity you chose is up to you. Please be respectful of others. If you see someone donate to a charity that you do not support I ask that you please keep it to yourself. My only goal here is to spur a little spate of donations so let's try our best to focus on the positive.

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