Galleon 1.3.5 Released

As I mentioned before, I'm slowly upgrading Galleon to approach a good 2.0 release. Today I've released 1.3.5. There is only one new feature, however, as it took me a bit longer to get it ready then I thought.

Anyway, in the past, you only had one way to get posts from Galleon, and that was using a profile-level setting. You would only get emails from threads you actually posted in. This has been ripped out and replaced with a proper subscription model. You can now subscribe to a conference, forum, or thread, and get notifications whenever a new email is sent.

The next update will allow for file attachments. I was going to get to it today but I discovered two BlogCFC bugs that I want to get out the door asap.

You can download the latest build here.

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