BlogCFC 3.8 RC Released

Some more changes in this release:

  • Both the editor and comment window are a bit bigger. The form fields now stretch if you widen the window. I turned on toolbars... why?
  • Spellchecking! - Well, not really. But if you install the Google toolbar, you can use the "Check" button when writing posts. Can I take credit for this?
  • SES URLs now use the day. So the format is: YYYY/MM/DD/TITLE. This means you only have a problem if you use the same title in the same day. I actually made the code support the old beta format as well, and may allow folks to change back and forth.
  • The readme and word doc are updated.
  • The version number is now 3.8.
  • Various other small minor changes that are layout related.

This is the Release Candidate version which means I think it is good to go - but I'd like to have some feedback before I make it official. You can download the software here.

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