Firefox 0.9 Released (with the same old bug, yea!)

So, I'm an avid Firefox user. I love it. And so far, I'm pretty happy with the 0.9 release. However, Firefox has been plagued by a stupid, and I really mean stupid bug for months now that has not been fixed. What is the bug you ask?

I'm looking at a page that is the result of a form post in our CMS admin.

I click View Source.

.... Firefox says, hey, this is the result of a form post, do you want to repost.

I say cancel.

All I want to do is view the source of the file in the browser.

I don't want to repost. I don't want to perform any kind of HTTP request.

But, since CANCEL does nothing, I hit OK.

And I see the source code for the login form for the CMS Admin, since Firefox is performing a HTTP request w/o any cookies.

To view source.

Yea, that makes sense. Really.


Edited: And let me add to this rant. Why can't I say, "Reload this page and don't send the form data again." Why do I have to resend the form data? Sure the page may break if the application isn't coded correctly, but why not just let me reload??

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