Favorite HS+/CFS Tools

I'm temporarily putting HS+ aside as I test DWMX2004, but I thought I'd share a few of my favorite tools for HS+/CFS:

SyncDir - This is a wonderful little script. Let's say you have a file open. By using this script, you can make the folder dialog quickly change to the location of the file. Written by Nick Bradbury.

Convert Special Characters - Allows you to convert < to &lt;. The page also describes writing your own scripts.

UDF Browse - This tool lets you browse CFLib, and even insert UDF code, without having to open your browser.

Finally, a small script I wrote myself that just inserts the date. This is a bit less useful now that HS+ 5.5 supports meta values in snippets, but I still use it to manually mark the Last Updated field of a file.

For a list of additional scripts, check out http://scripts.hsguide.com/.

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