Testing Ionic Push Webhooks with IBM Bluemix

Disclaimer: Ionic Services are currently in Alpha status. While the feature I’m talking about will surely exist when Ionic’s Push service goes Gold, the details of what I’m covering today will surely change. Please keep that in mind.

I’ve been going over the various Ionic Services as I prepare for my presentation next week. One of the aspects of Ionic’s Push service that I had not used yet is webhooks. Ionic lets you define a webhook (a URL really) that they will call whenever someone registers for push, unregisters for push, or simply has a device that becomes invalid. I thought I’d create a quick Node.js application so I could test this feature for myself. To host this application, I’ll make use of Bluemix, our PaaS solution that makes Node.js hosting quite easy. As an aside, Bluemix supports Push by itself and you may wish to use that instead of Ionic’s Push service. One of the nice things about Bluemix is the ability to mix and match services as you see fit.

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Some cool things in Lucee

I really haven’t spoken much about Lucee since the initial announcement a few months back. It seems like a lot of “things” are going on, and frankly, I figured I’d just see where things settle down later this year. It just so happened that I ended up on the cfapplication doc for Lucee and I was pretty surprised by what I saw. Here are some of the cool things Lucee is doing with Applications versus ColdFusion. This probably isn’t everything, but here is what I found and what I thought was cool or interesting.

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Proof of Concept: Validating an HTML Snippet in a Form

On my blog, I write my entries in pure HTML. WordPress supports a Visual editor too, but I like to write my HTML tags by hand. That’s how I’ve done it for the past twenty years and that’s how God intended me to write HTML. (Joking, honestly.) What’s nice is that I can leave out some tags, like paragraph markers, and WordPress will handle that for me. I typically just worry about italics, bold, and links.

Despite having worked with web pages since dinosaurs used FrontPage, I still screw up from time to time. My typical mistake is either not closing a tag: <i>Foo<i> or closing the wrong tag: <i>Foo</b>

I’ve often wondered – is there some way to test for this type of mistake on the client side?

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Ionic 1.6.5 and updates to Services

As a quick aside, I worked with Eric Bobbitt of the Ionic team while writing this. I asked him a lot of questions very quickly and he never complained. Big kudos to him for being patient with me!

A while ago I gave a presentation on Ionic Services, and as I mentioned earlier this week, I’ll be speaking on the topic again next month. Today the Ionic folks released an update to the CLI that helps improve Ionic Service usage as well. This ties in with other improvements they have made since I last dug into them. The services are still in Alpha, which is bad news on one hand (I can see being concerned about using them in a production app), but the good news is that they have gotten a heck of a lot easier to use since I last played with them. In today’s post I’m going to talk about those setup changes as well as show some updates they’ve done to make working with users easier.

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New ColdFusion docs (and some tips for handling it)

Yesterday, the Adobe CF team announced an update to the ColdFusion docs: ColdFusion documentation update. The summary is that the wiki we have used for a while now is gone and the docs are back in a non-editable, and non-commentable (not really a word, sorry) form. Apparently this isn’t a permanent change and in the future sometime it will move to something that allows for more collaboration. You may also run into an SSL issue while browsing the docs (yes, seriously), and if you want to know how to get around that, Adobe as posted a blog entry on that as well (although personally I think they could have fixed it in the time it took to write the blog entry) – SSL certification issue with wikidocs link.

You can find thew new home here: https://helpx.adobe.com/support.html#/product/coldfusion.

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Assets from my NCDevCon Preso

Today’s presentation was a bit rough without power, but I want to thank everyone who attended and worked with me to – well – make it work. I really appreciate it. The slide deck can be found here: https://github.com/cfjedimaster/Static-Sites. If you want to watch a recorded version of this preso (slightly older), you can view the one I did for O’Reilly here: Static site generators: Why use them and how they work

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New book on Static Sites Generators

cat As you know, my current passion tech-wise is static site generators. I’m speaking on it Sunday at NCDevCon. My buddy Brian Rinaldi, another SSG fan, released a free e-book today on SSGs that you can download from O’Reilly right now:

Static Site Generators: Modern Tools for Static Website Development

I did a tech review on this book and it is a great introduction to SSGs. You can read it in about an hour, and it is well worth your time.