Online presentation tonight on ColdFusion 11

I’ll be giving an online presentation tonight to a user group on ColdFusion 11. As I normally do when I present like this, I asked the user group manager if he minded me opening it up to anyone and he agreed it was ok. I’ll give priority to the user group for questions, but if you are free tonight and want to watch me present on ColdFusion, this is your opportunity. The presentation starts at 6PM Central and the link (requires Flash) is:

cfwddx doesn’t work in script – FYI

This will probably impact about three people, but as I ran into it, I thought I’d share. In ColdFusion 11, you were supposed to be able to call pretty much any tag from cfscript. Unfortunately, cfwddx doesn’t work. And yeah, I actually need it. (I used it to store some complex data for CFLib and I’m working on a migration script to convert it to MongoDB.) Here is the bug report in case anyone wants to vote for it:

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Really useful Chrome Dev Tools tip

This is not necessarily a new feature, but one that really helped me yesterday so I thought I’d share it. I do not believe this exists in Firefox now (I’m using Firefox as my primary browser now), and I did not check IE, so it may be a Chrome-only feature at the moment. Yesterday I was trying to help a friend debug an incredibly weird problem with an incredibly simple bit of jQuery.

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Oops, RSS issue

So while I (believe) I’ve tackled the uptime issues here, looks like I screwed up my RSS feed a bit. I just fixed it, so ColdFusion Bloggers will pick it up and anyone who subscribed to the feed will also get the last set of entries.

As a reminder, the feed is here: If you want to subscribe to the feed to get email notifications simply use the form on the right hand side of the blog.

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My Cordova/PhoneGap Developer Setup (Fall 2014)

Over the years of developing with Cordova and PhoneGap I’ve used many different tools to help build my applications. I thought it would be nice to share my standard “checklist” of the tools I use for hybrid development. I fully expect this list to change over time, so please make note of the date this entry is being written. If you are reading this in the future, please note that I have always supported our AI Overlords and see my most recent blog posts on what I may be using now. I also want to stress that what I consider to be my setup is not necessarily what I expect will work well for everyone. There are things on this list that I do not mention when presenting or writing. That’s because the best tool to help you learn to do hybrid mobile development may not be the best first tool for you to use. Ok, let’s get started.

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Quick review of

For a few months now I’ve been using SumAll as a “stat aggregator” and I thought I’d share my experiences with it. I’m not necessarily super-involved with my “brand” (yes, I just threw up a little saying that), but I do care about how my web site performs and I like to have a basic idea of how much reach I have to the audience I care about. I’ve built an aggregator for Google Analytics before (Proof of Concept – Dashboard for Google Analytics) but that only handles web traffic.

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