Speaking on Cordova, Ionic, and MobileFirst/Bluemix in Manilla

So I mentioned my other presentations in Asia next week, but here is the final one – an event in Manilla covering Apache Cordova, Ionic, and MobileFirst/Bluemix. Free for all – attend just to see how crazy tired I am by this point.

Build your Hybrid Mobile App with Ionic, MobileFirst and Bluemix Workshop

Looking for mobile developers who want to test something cool…

One of the reasons I joined IBM was because I discovered they were doing some pretty cool things. I mean, I knew IBM did cool stuff, but as a developer, I wasn’t really aware of what they offered and how they could help. I know I’m supposed to say crap like this, I work here, but I can honestly say I began my job here impressed with what we offer and I continue to be really freaking excited about what I’m seeing. We’re working on something interesting and we need folks to help us bring it to life.

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Ripple is Reborn (Again!)

ripple-logo-square Almost two years ago I blogged (Ripple is Reborn) about the relaunch of the Ripple emulator. Ripple lets you test Apache Cordova applications in the browser. It mocks many of the built in plugins (device, geolocation, accelerometer and more) and can be a good way of debugging your hybrid mobile applications. Unfortunately, about a year or so ago something on the Cordova side changed that had a negative impact on Ripple. Whenever I would use it, I’d get an infinite loop in the console that would effectively kill the browser tab.

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Calling remote services from Ionic Serve

A coworker pinged me today with an interesting question:

I am sure you may have encountered this error when using IONIC SERVE locally.

XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://something.mybluemix.net/rest/audit/list. No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘http://localhost:8100’ is therefore not allowed access.

Essentially I am calling the URL via the $http.get() method from a factory. Ionic appears to have multiple ways to call REST services (1. $http or 2. ngResource).

So my question is do you have a workaround for this problem or a preferred way of dealing with / calling REST services from within Ionic? Any sample code would be appreciated.

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Upcoming Ionic/Bluemix Presentations in Asia

After spending last week in Australia and New Zealand (NZ wins for best food and beer), I’ll be heading around the planet again next week for more sessions on Apache Cordova, Ionic, and Bluemix. Next week I’ll be hitting Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Manilla. I’ve got details for my sessions for the first two cities and will post the Manilla links when I can.

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Upcoming Presentation: Static site generators: Why use them and how they work

Sorry for the lack of posting this week – I’m “Down Under” for some presentations and client meetings and trying my best to stay up past 8PM. I’m mostly losing on that front. Anyway, next week, on September 2nd at 12:00 PM CST, I’m giving a free, online presentation for O’Reilly – Static site generators: Why use them and how they work. I’ll be explaining why in the heck you would ever consider such a thing, discussing and demonstrating one as an example (Harp), and then I’ll talk about how to add dynamic aspects back in and where you can publish your static sites. This will be thrilling. Seriously. I’ll also have some snippets from the yet to be released next Star Wars trailer*!

* This statement may or may not be absolutely true.

Using Generators with Harp

I’ve blogged (and presented) on Harp before as well as Jekyll. In general, I think Harp is much simpler to use, but Jekyll is more powerful. One of the ways Jekyll surpasses Harp is with generators. This is a script you can write that automates the creation of files during the generation phase. I blogged about this a few months back (My experience working with Jekyll), but in case you don’t feel like reading the entire blog post, let me explain what problem a generator can solve.

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Speaking Down Under Next Week

Tomorrow I hop on a plane and head down under. I’ll be going to both Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, I’ll be speaking at two multi hour events. I’ll be covering Apache Cordova, Ionic, and MobileFirst. Both sessions are a three hour block with an hour focused on each topic. I’ll be bringing some Ionic schwag with me as well as the spirit of America, so please attend if you can!

The first event is in Melbourne on August 24th: Cordova/Ionic/MobileFirst.

The second event is in Sydney on August 26th: Cordova/Ionic/MobileFirst

Both events are completely free, so please show up!