Connecting PouchDB to Cloudant on IBM Bluemix

So, as always, I tend to feel I’m a bit late to things. Earlier today my coworker Andy was talking to me about PouchDB. PouchDB is a client-side database solution that works in all the major browsers (and Node) and intelligently picks the best storage system available. It is even smart enough to recognize that while Safari supports IDB, it doesn’t make sense to use it and switches to WebSQL. It has a relatively simply API and best of all – it has incredibly simple sync built in.

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Crazy cool Chrome extension (and how to dig into the source)

I’m learning some interesting stuff at FluentConf and I’ll talk more about that when the conference wraps, but I want to share something I found yesterday that I thought was really freaking cool. It is a Chrome extension called Momentum. Apparently this was all over the place a few weeks ago so I’m late to the party, but it replaces your “New Tab” screen with an absolutely beautiful (and somewhat useful) design:

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Some games to pick up

As it is Sunday and I’m sitting in a hotel in a San Francisco killing time till dinner, I thought I’d catch folks up on the games I’ve been playing recently. There’s three in particular that are somewhat related so I thought why not share with my readers. These are in no more particular order than whatever comes to mind first.

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IndexedDB and Limits

Earlier this week I posted about hitting the limits of LocalStorage (Blowing up LocalStorage) and today I thought I’d do a bit of testing around IndexedDB. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a simple “if you do this, X happens” type story to tell, but I did find out some interesting things about storage limits. I want to thank the following people for help in writing this post: Ben Kelly of Mozilla, Joshua Bell of Google, Addy Osmani of Google, and Paul Irish of Google.

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Speaking on Ionic next week at FluentConf

After a very long dry spell (thank you again, Adobe, for consigning me to technical writing), I’ll be back on stage next week at FluentConf 2015. FluentConf is easily one of the best technical conferences around. Last time I checked the schedule, I pretty much wanted to attend every single session. If you are in the area, or can make it, I highly recommend attending. And what about me? I’ll be speaking on Ionic at 11:15. Full details of my session may be found here: You can find the complete schedule here: Fluent 2015 Schedule.

And best of all – and only because I really like you – you can use this SUPER SECRET CODE for a 20% discount. To make you work for it, I’ve hidden it here: FRIEND. If you can defeat my super secret hiding technique, you can have the code.