Sponsored Articles

My general rule is that I do not except external articles for publication on my site. I will make an exception from time to time though. I will also accept paid writing gigs where the result goes on my blog.

My standard rate is 1K (USD) for an article between 1 to 1.5K words (including code). I will absolutely let you review text before I publish.


I no longer run banner ads on my site, but would be open to mentioning sponsorship at the bottom of my blog posts, or something small in the left hand sidebar. I can also offer a mention in the email sent out to subscribers whenever I post. Prices are negotiable.


Based on stats from my host, my site averages over 300K page views per month. Data from Google Analytics is much smaller (roughly 10%, so 30K), but I believe it's fairer to say my traffic is much closer to what my host reports. On average I publish one blog post per week, but you can also check my current stats for up to date information.

My email subscription list is based on my RSS feed. Every time I release a new post, an email is sent out to my subscribers. As of September 2022, that list had over 80 subscribers.