Many months ago I blogged about an OpenWhisk package I built for IBM Watson Tone Analyzer. The code wasn't terribly complex since most of the work was done by the npm package, but I thought it might be helpful to others looking to use the API with OpenWhisk. I've done some updates to that action and have added a new service today, Personality Insights.

The new Personality Insights action can be found in my Watson package. You can bind your own copy by using the full path: / Space/watson. Inside the package you'll find a tone and pi action. Since each service requires unique credentials, I did something kinda cool (well, cool to me) to make it easier to set your credentials.

Both actions support a username and password argument, but since they are unique, both actions also support an "override". So for example, the Tone wrapper lets you pass tone.username and tone.password. For Personality Insights, it supports pi.username and pi.password. This means when you bind my package, you can supply all four arguments as defaults and then not worry about them later. This makes using the actions even easier - both support a text argument to easily pass your input.

As I said, the code is trivial, but here's the new PI action:

const PersonalityInsightsV3 = require('watson-developer-cloud/personality-insights/v3');

function main(args) {

	//allow overrides
	if(args['pi.username']) args.username = args['pi.username'];
	if(args['pi.password']) args.password = args['pi.password'];

	let personality_insights = new PersonalityInsightsV3({
		username: args.username,
		password: args.password,
		version_date: '2016-10-19'

	return new Promise( (resolve, reject) => {
				text: args.text,
				consumption_preferences: true
			function (err, response) {
				if (err) reject(err);
				else resolve(response);


exports.main = main;

If you don't want to use my package, or you want to add to it or suggest a fix, you can find both in my main Serverless Examples repo.