New ColdFusion Builder Extension: GistCreator

A few months back I switched to using Gists ( for my code samples. For the most part it just worked fine. I did have to do a bit of work to get it right under jQuery Mobile, but outside of that I'm happy with the change.

Now that I've made the switch, I find myself making a heck of a lot of gists. I tweeted earlier today that it would be cool if my editor would make it easier to create them. Right now I spend my time using Sublime Text 2, ColdFusion Builder, and, um, another editor. @bittersweetryan pointed out an excellent plugin for Sublime. That worked great. But I thought it would be fun to build an extension for CFBuilder as well. So I did it. Because I do that now. I love my job. A lot.

GistCreator works with both files and in the editor. To create a Gist out of a file, just right-click:

Or - you can select text in the editor and create a Gist out of it:

You can also just right click in a file, and if nothing is selected, the entire file is sent.

Once done - the extension returns the URL:

And that's it. Right now the extension only creates public Gists and doesn't allow you to name them, but it should work fine for now. Also, it is a bit brittle. If your authentication changes then the extension will not handle it well. As always, I'm open to folks checking it out and adding features.

Fork it here:

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