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ColdFusion Example: Upload a zip of images for processing

03-28-2014 2,189 views ColdFusion 1 Comment

I keep a note of possible blog ideas and as I've been having a bit of writer's block lately, I thought I'd take a look and see what I could turn into a decent article. One of the older ideas I had was something that I thought would be a good example. Imagine you've built an image uploader for your site and have a bit of processing on the back end (scaling, gray scaling, etc). Now imagine you want to allow for bulk uploads of zip files to do the same thing. Here is a simple one page example of that in action.

PhoneGap for the Enterprise

03-25-2014 4,451 views Mobile 6 Comments

This is just a quick FYI type post, but today Adobe announced "PhoneGap for the Enterprise". You can read more about it at the PhoneGap Blog: Introducing PhoneGap for the Enterprise.

My first native iOS app - Death Clock

03-25-2014 2,582 views Mobile 13 Comments

A few days ago I returned from a week of Objective-C and iOS training. I wanted to build an app on my own just to see what I could do and how comfortable I felt with the technology away from the Nerd Ranch. While it isn't pretty and the code is probably wrong in multiple ways, I've been able to create a native version of the Death Clock.

Intergral folks are hiring!

03-25-2014 2,080 views ColdFusion Comments

I mentioned before that I was putting a stop to posting ColdFusion positions (or jobs in general) but I'm making an exception for Intergral. These are some great folks and they make some really good products. Definitely read this if you are looking for a position.

Sunday Quickie - Bookmarklet to "Fix" forms that disable autocomplete

03-23-2014 2,309 views Misc 5 Comments

I don't know about you, but when I see a form that has disabled autocomplete, I get pretty upset:

I survived Big Nerd Ranch training

03-22-2014 4,288 views Mobile, Development 20 Comments

It's Saturday morning and I'm slowly decompressing from spending the last seven days in what is easily the most intense training I've experienced in my life. I've just returned from Big Nerd Ranch's "Beginning iOS" class and I'd like to share my thoughts on it. This post is separated into two sections. I'll begin by talking about the class itself and then share my thoughts on Objective-C and iOS in general.

Example of a JavaScript Disqus Recent Comment Widget

03-21-2014 2,355 views JavaScript 1 Comment

I've made great use of Disqus on a few sites now and am planning on converting my 50K+ comments here some day soon. One of the features I'm interested in is building a way to list out recent comments per site. Disqus has a pretty complex API but oddly, I wasn't able to find many examples of JavaScript clients for the API. I suppose with the API limits and the inherit concern about including keys in your code it may limit the uses, but I was able to build a simple "Recent Comments" pod pretty easily. This is ugly, but hopefully it will be useful to others.

This server...

03-20-2014 2,280 views Development 5 Comments

A few days ago I blogged about how I was unhappy with the stability of my blog. I discussed how I was looking to simplify and reduce the "moving parts" here and that as part of that plan, I was going to switch to a static site.

Brackets Sprint 37 and Upcoming Hackathon

03-18-2014 2,100 views Development Comments

Today Brackets Sprint 37 was released. You can download it via the usual place. Release notes may be found here: My favorite updates here are the ability to finally disable automatic tabbing and closing tag insertion. I'm probably the minority here but those features don't help - they get in the way of my natural typing. You can see more details about that update here.

Finally, if you are in the San Francisco area next Wednesday, consider coming to a public Hackathon: San Francisco Brackets Meetup and Hackathon. This is a great way to meet the team and learn more about how the sausage is made.

Attending cfObjective? Check out Into The Box

03-17-2014 2,033 views ColdFusion Comments

Just a quick note to suggest that folks attending this years cfObjective consider coming up a day early for Into the Box. This is a conference for all things Ortus - ok, maybe you don't recognize that name - but these are the folks behind the ColdBox family of products, which last time I checked had a solution for everything.